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About Sabine

“To photograph people is to violate them, by seeing them as they never see themselves, by having knowledge of them that they can never have; it turns people into objects that can be symbolically possessed. Just as a camera is a sublimation of the gun, to photograph someone is a subliminal murder - a soft murder, appropriate to a sad, frightened time.”


to my world of photography. I have always appreciated photography even before I started delving into the technicalities of using a camera. The catchlight in a child's eyes as he runs into the embrace of his fathers arms, the unmistakable smile on a dogs face as he hears his favorite person enter the room, the grandness of an architectural structure soaring over a tourist travelled from afar. All are moments in time that are waiting to be captured by the creative eye that chooses to see it

About Me

I have worked with many types of photography over the years, though, I can say with certainty my passion for this work comes from people, personalities, moods and feelings. Those powerful and intangible things that elicit emotion and reaction from the viewer. The things that separate snapshots from photographs; things that appeal to more than our sense of sight and encapsulate a feeling to open later and re-experience… to share with loved ones

Photographic Styles

“I want my images to be aesthetically appealing, but I also want them to be confrontational,” Sabine says. The photographer points out that her subjects are often looking into the camera, as if to directly address their audience. “People have asked me, ‘Why are your models never smiling?’ I want that sense of confrontation in the images. I like the idea that the people I’m photographing are part of a resistance to assimilation, to mainstream ideas of gayness or beauty.”
I've often thought of nude photography as a natural extension of portraiture; if you're going to spend so much time on trying to capture the 'essence' of who somebody is, in some cases shedding any barriers between the model and the camera (such as clothes) is the next logical step.
When you’re done with all the technicalities, its time to put your own stamp on the images you take; play around with product placement and focus, and take as many images as you think is necessary; its always best to get a good selection and choose the one you want, rather than not getting the shot and having to re-shoot.
Abstracts leave more to the imagination and help you concentrate on texture, form and colour rather than the whole subject. I enjoy simplifying images by zooming in or getting close, I guess it's part of my minimalist nature.
Rather than serving as a source of art or aesthetic pleasure, documentary photography is often used to incite political and social change due to its ability to capture the “true” nature of an image or location.

Photo Services

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”


Specialist Photography

As a specialist I am neither an "available light" photographer, or a "strobist" photographer. Experience does not limit me to one or the other (often, the best light consists of both). Whether the location requires sun, shade, strobes, reflectors, or a combination of light modifiers, I use what is necessary for premium results. This comes from a rich variety of experiences with people of all ages, crafting images with light and lens.

  • Nude & Portraits

    Nude photography is a genre of art photography which depicts the nude human body. The fine arts are concerned with aesthetic qualities and creativity; thus any erotic interest, although often present, is secondary
  • Artistic & Abstract

    Abstract photography is a bridge between the everyday world and the world of imagination. Mysteries are hidden all around us, in trees, electric wires, manhole covers, flowers, leaves, buildings, even in our own handwriting
  • Contemporary

    "This form of photography may be defined as the concept that stimulates the mind of the viewer to interpret the message conveyed through the creative use of line, form and colour. The definition specifically includes computer generated / manipulated images."

Comercial Photography

Businesses may want to use commercial photography to promote themselves, or particular aspects of their work. There is a difference between commercial photography, which is often performed in a studio or isolated environment, and industrial photography, which often takes place on the site or factory floor. Most commercial photography professionals will not take on an industrial photographic shoot. A common method of promoting businesses is through architectural and building photography, where the business can be seen as a product.

  • Fashion

    I use an extensive range of styles and techniques in commercial fashion photography, from catalogue photographs which attempt to show the entire detail of clothing, to editorial shots, which attempt to use the clothes in unusual and dynamic ways
  • Industrial

    Industrialists use photography, within prevailing cultural and economic limits, to project a certain image of themselves and their undertakings.
  • Comercial

    Great images are key to attracting new customers and in tough economic times can give your business the competitive edge it needs. As a professional photographer with a corporate background I understand how to create the images that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Recent Projects

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

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“To consult the rules of composition before making a picture is a little like consulting the law of gravitation before going for a walk.”

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